If you could help,I bought one of these some years ago, 2013. Mine stopped working because of software the developer stopped updating. I have a couple of iPhone I use for this Truck with the ODB2 connector. One is IPhone 5 and the other is IPhone 6. I recently upgraded to the new softer from Apple and both phones now don't work with the IODB2 MFi. I have contacted Xtool and they are blowing me off, saying I didn't buy from them. I guess what I'm say is could you verify and see if this can be used with the new software on IPhone?
My IPhone 5 is 10.3.3 and the other is IPhone 6 is 11.2.6.
Neither one works it shows that I do connect to the iODB2, the software then show error WiFi connection error - security recommended! This shows up when I connect WiFi to the ODB2. It will not let me override the securities of this being an unsecured network. It directs me to change the router info to WPA or WPA2 and I’m unable to change the ODB2 settings. Apple says it the developer issue.

I wouldn't mind purchasing another one, but I'm concerned that it won't work again and I'm wasting my time and money. Let me know if it does work with the newer phones / versions and maybe if yours is working as well. I would buy this product again today. Thanks in advance for helping.
The scanner you purchased in 2013, was it the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi version of this scanner?

The older versions of the XTOOL app for iOS and Android was discontinued a few years ago and replaced with another App. It's called iOBD2. This is the single app that is designed to work with all of the versions of their scanner.

Within the app, you will  need to select the correct scanner type in the connection settings.

With this app, the connection to the scanner is made within the app itself and not in the iPhone/ Android settings.

I have the latest version of iOBD2 installed on my iPhone and within the HARDWARE settings menu, iOBD2 is one of the scanners available. Note there is also an "iOBD2 Mini" which is a different scanner.

Then in CONNECTION settings, there is an option to select Bluetooth or WiFi. Both of these versions should still be compatible with the App.

I hope this helps. All of your questions are very valid and I know that there is not much support contacting XTOOL themselves. 
Product: IOBD2-BT and IOBD2-WIFI

APP: iOBD2 App in iOS and Android