Using an OTG USB cable allows you to use your Consult USB interface on an Android Smartphone or Tablet to run apps such as Nissan DataScan I for Android.

The most common OTG cable is Micro USB for Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy and Notes. There is also USB-C OTG cables that can be used with Smartphones that use the new USB-C connection, such as the Google Pixel phones.

Is my Phone OTG compatible?

  • The best way is to check your model's technical specifications in the user manual to see if it supports OTG
  • A good source to check specs for many models is
  • Ensure the latest version of Android is installed on your device
  • We recommend disabling any apps that can interfere with the connection, such as firewalls, anti-virus scanners,etc

Connection Problems?

  • Most of the time, connection problems are related to missing OTG drivers or the device not being OTG compatible
  • Based on our experience, it's rare that the issue is our OTG USB cable being defective

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Restart your device
  • Disable any firewall or anti-virus apps that are running
  • Make sure your consult adapter is plugged in, ignition on and insert the OTG cable into your device, then start the App
  • Try using another phone or tablet that's OTG compatible to see if it connects
  • Restore the device to the factory settings so the USB drivers are installed correctly