What you need: 

STEP 1: Download the ELM327-USB-FT232RL-V1.4 Drivers from the Downloads page on our website. With 7-Zip installed, right click on the compressed folder, navigate to Z-Zip and click on Extract to “ELM327-USB-FT232RL-V1.4”.

STEP 2: Open the extracted “ELM327-USB-FT232RLV1.4” folder and open the folder “FTDI_Drivers_Win32_64bit”. Run the application “CDM21216_Setup” and follow the steps to complete the driver installation. This will install the FTDI drivers required for the ELM327 USB Scanner.

STEP 3: Plug the ELM327 Scanner’s USB cable into your PC’s USB port. Windows will recognize the cable and connect it with the FTDI drivers that we installed prior.

STEP 4: Check if the Drivers were installed successfully.

  • Go to your Windows CONTRL PANEL, then navigate to the DEVICE MANAGER. (Tip: You can type “Device Manager” in the Windows search bar if you cannot find the Device Manager.
  • Look for the Ports (COM and LPT) directory and arrow on the left to expand the directory
  • Look for the device called “USB Serial Port”. If the driver was installed successfully, no yellow exclamation mark will be shown

STEP 5: You are now ready to install the Diagnostic Software you prefer to use.

Adjust COM Port Settings (Optional): Depending on the diagnostic software you use; you may need to change the COM Port Number to match the port range in the software. Some diagnostic software can auto detect the COM Port being used.

  • In Device Manager, right click “USB Serial Port”, click on Properties, Port Settings and click on Advanced.
  • Select the COM Port you want from the drop down menu and click OK.