STEP 1: Download the ELM327-USB-PL2303-V1.5 Driver Pack from the Downloads page on our website. With 7-Zipinstalled, right click on the compressed folder, navigate to Z-Zip and click on Extract to “ELM327-USB-PL2303-V1.5”.

STEP 2: Open the extracted “ELM327-USB-PL2303-V1.5” folder and open the folder“PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1.8.0”. Run the application “PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1.8.0” and follow thesteps to complete the driver installation. This will install the drivers required for the ELM327 USB Scanner.

STEP 3: Plug the ELM327 Scanner’s USB cable into your PC’s USB port. Windows will recognize the cable andconnect it with the drivers that we installed prior.

STEP 4: Check if the Drivers were installed successfully.

  1. Go to your Windows CONTRL PANEL, then navigate to the DEVICE MANAGER. (Tip: You can type “DeviceManager” in the Windows search bar if you cannot find the Device Manager.

  2. Look for the Ports (COM and LPT) directory and arrow on the left to expand the directory

  3. Look for the device called “USB Serial Port”. If the driver was installed successfully, no yellow exclamation mark

    will be shown

STEP 5: You are now ready to install the Diagnostic Software you prefer to use.

Adjust COM Port Settings (Optional): Depending on the diagnostic software you use; you may need to change theCOM Port Number to match the port range in the software. Some diagnostic software can auto detect the COM Portbeing used.

  1. In Device Manager, right click “USB Serial Port”, click on Properties, Port Settings and click on Advanced.

  2. Select the COM Port you want from the drop down menu and click OK.