1- Disconnect from the internet.

2- Copy the software to Desktop from CD provided or locate the downloaded software and move it to the Desktop.

3- Run file named DOTNETFIX when installation finished.

4- Open Cars folder and look for a file named “main” NOT “main.exe”.

5- Right click on main and send to the desktop as a shortcut .

6- Find file named “short cut to main” on desk top and double click.

7- You will see activation window with 2 arrows on the bottom click on the right one.

8- Keep clicking right arrow until you see a “Start” button.

9- Click start and choose option “yes”.

10- Save activation file to desktop.

11- You will see “operation failed” under start.

12- Now open the Key folder and double click on the black skull icon.

13- You will see black box with “open and activate” inside click on the text.

14- It will give you a window to choose a file from choose that activation file you just saved to the desktop. Click open and wait for it to say “Activation OK”.

15- Back to the window with start button press start and this time choose “NO”.

16- It will give you a window where you can choose a file to open, you must open the file, you just activated from your desktop press open.

17- You will now get a window that should say configuring for the first time YOU WILL GET. A MESSAGE SAYING YOUR SOFTWARE IS OUT OF DATE please make sure your internet connection is off when you press “OK”

18- Your software is now installed.

Optional Desktop Icon Fix: 

  • Right click on “short cut to main” icon choose properties and then look for “change icon” button
  • It will ask “ok” click ok if it asks then look for “Browse” button
  • It will open a window where you can choose “desktop” on the left and locate the Cars software folders.
  • Then choose the red icon and ok and apply and ok again you should see the icon change.

19- You are almost there, Now connect the USB cable to your Diagnostic Interface and then to your PC.

20- It will ask you to install drivers. Choose No to connecting to the internet to look for drivers. Then choose “look for drivers Manually/ Advanced “ and click next. Look for the browse button and press it this will open the menu.

21- Choose desktop and the Car folder again. You will see “Driver”, click that then click USB and OK. Click next to install.

22- Now you will be asked the same thing for installing the Port driver the same as above and this time there is no need to click browse as the file will be already selected

How to Begin Using the Software:

  1. Plug in your OBDII Cable and the USB to the PC
  2. Go through the steps to read the car by selecting your make / model / year
  3. It should ask you to test your hardware so press test and when the test say “ok”
  4. Press update button on the same window wait for the update to complete and you are now ready to connect to your vehicle!