FORScan for Windows Main Menu

Here is the Settings Menu, the Gear Icon found 2nd from the bottom left menu and on the left tab [General].

You will be able to select demo or debug mode, measurement units and language.

Here is the Settings Menu, the Gear Icon found 2nd from the bottom left menu and on the right tab [Connection]. Here you will be able to select the [Connection Type] , Bluetooth Adapter (if you're using a Bluetooth Scanner), WiFi Settings (if you're using a Wi-Fi Scanner), COM settings, if you're using a USB based scanner.  As you can see, I'm using:

  • [COM 4]
  • FTDI based Serial/USB chip, the Baud Rate (speed) is set to [Auto]
  • Auto-increase box is checked, which will allow the Baud rate (speed) to increase if possible
  • MS-CAN Support is set to [HS/MS switch] because our ELM327 Scanner has a modified toggle switch

On the main menu after setting up your connection settings, you can start connecting to your car. FORScan detected a car profile that I created prior for the 2014 Ford Edge that matched, so I was asked to load the profile.

While connecting to your car, the log will show step by step connection info such as:

  • COM Port detected
  • Adapter: [ELM327 v1.5] an ELM327 firmware v1.5 scanner was detected
  • Established Connection
  • Vehicle info
  • Control Modules Detected

On the [Configuration] tab, you can see detailed info about the ELM327 scanner. As you can see, the Min.delay is 10ms (Good), which is good for a scanner. 

Note: We highly recommend using a high quality ELM327 scanner that uses genuine Microchip micro-controllers and for USB scanners, an FTDI FT232RL USB Converter, such as our ELM327 USB Cable Modified HS MS CAN Switch with FT232RL + PIC18F25K80

Scanning for DTC Codes

Oscilloscope Display

Menu displaying different tests available for the different control modules.

Service Procedures available for different control modules such as:

  • Resetting all adaptations
  • Resetting control modules
  • Calibrate ABD acceleration sensor
  • Rear camera calibration
  • PATS programming
  • Read factory keyless entry code
  • Battery monitoring reset

Calibrating the Rear Camera from the BCM [Body Control Module]