How to Reset the ELV Counter (Steering Lock) Red Warning Light and your ELV is working, due to a bad battery

So, what is going on? The CAS module has a counter, when this counter exceed the max, a RED warning light come up. When you use a bad battery (low voltage) the ELV works but indicate an error to the CAS module.

Vehicle Tested: R56 Mini

Note: This only works if your ELV works fine and you're having this issue because you didn't replace your battery on time and waited 

To reset the ELV Light, you will need to use the EDIABAS ToolSet 32 software from the BMW Tools Package.

On the menu, select File -> "Load SGBD, Group File F3"

Look for "Cas.prg" on the file list.

Look on the Job list the name: "steuern_elvcounter_cas_loeschen" and "steuern_elvcounter_elv_loeschen". Double click on each one, and wait for a window, it says "Job Done" on the bottom. 

DONE!, no more Red Light Steering lock issue.