1. Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 must be installed first. If it's not, click on the [Microsoft .net framework 2.3.exe] from the software folder and complete the installation. 

2. Install Zed-Bull v5.06: Click on the [Zed-BULL Setup.msi] and go through the installation steps. Click [Next] and [Next] to install in the default Program Files Folder and [Close] to complete the installation

3. Upgrading from v5.06 to v5.08: From the main software folder, open the [Zed-BULLv508] Folder and Copy all of the files and Paste it into the main installation directory C:\Program Files (x86)\IstanbulAnahtar\Zed-BULL. Confirm that you will be overwriting existing files in that folder.

4. Run Software: Run the software by clicking on [Zed-Bull.exe] from :\Program Files (x86)\IstanbulAnahtar\Zed-BULL. You can create a desktop shortcut by Right Clicking the Icon, Click [Send to Desktop as Shortcut]. Note: You may need to run the Program as an administrator 

5. Install USB Drivers for the Zed Bull: Connect the USB port on the main unit and the other end into your PC. Go to your [Device Manager], go to [Ports (COM & LPT)] expand the directory tree and look for [USB Serial Port}. If you see it with an assigned COM number, then the drivers have been installed automatically and you skip to Step 6. 

If the drivers were not installed, Right Click on [USB Serial Port] and click [Update Drivers].

Click [Browse my computer for driver software] and navigate to the main software folder and select the folder [USB Driver] and complete the driver installation.

6. Connect the main unit within the Software: On the main menu of the Zed Bull software, click [Refresh Port], select the assigned COM Number from Device Manager and click [Connect].

You will see the loading bar move as it connects to the main unit. 

Here are some screenshots of each of the menu pages within the software: